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SEM – PPC Campaigns

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click or Pay Per Click campaigns are an online marketing model in which advertisers pay when users click on the same ads.

Advertising using search engines is one of the most used by online businesses and PPC predominates since it allows users to locate you in a short time through searches, advertising banners or videos.

PPC Campaign Management

The most important platforms today are: Google Ads, for advertising campaigns on Google; and Facebook Ads, for campaigns to be carried out on the social networks of Facebook and Instagram.

With the experience we accumulate in more than 100 campaigns carried out during 2018, we can give your project a qualitative leap that is necessary to better monetize your online advertising investment. You work as a team to achieve the objectives of both increasing sales, getting leads or even improving branding (brand visibility) through CPM (Cost Per Thousand) campaigns.

Google Ads Certified Professionals

Our Pay Per Click campaign services include the following actions:

  • PP search campaign strategy
  • Keyword analysis and selection
  • Creative development of ads
  • Campaign creation
  • ROI improvement and monitoring
  • Tips to optimize the ‘Landing Pages’ or landing pages
  • Monthly Reports Delivery


Social Ads: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

We work PPC campaigns with the main social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to boost online visibility

Google Ads: Search Network

Creation and configuration of personalized campaigns through the largest online advertising tool in the world by Google Search Network using keywords

Google Ads: Display Advertising

We configure, personalize and design Display campaigns to attract your target audience based on interests

Google Ads: Remarketing & Retargeting

Increase your online store conversions by campaigning for users who have already visited your website before. ROI will increase!

SEM for your business

We will help you achieve short-term web conversions through Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns optimized according to your business.

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