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SEO & Web positioning

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO are the techniques used on a site to be more visible in search engines. By constantly working on web positioning, you will be able to receive more organic visits through the Serps (search results) so that your business can grow to a greater extent.

Why improve your web positioning

Any online business that wants to grow depends to a great extent on the searches that are carried out in search engines, and more specifically in Google, which is used in more than 95% of cases, to attract qualified visits that can be converted into customers in the short term. term.

Take your SEO to a higher level

More than 95% of the searches are carried out through the Google search engine and of all these users, more than 90% only use the TOP10 (1st page of the search engine) to carry out transactional visits to the localized websites.

Your online business must be in that TOP10 so that it receives visits from potential clients and then use your commercial weapons to captivate them and not leave without buying or maintaining contact with you.

SEO On-Page & SEO Off-Page

SEO is divided into 2 great techniques that if worked properly will help you to be more visible in less time:

  • Seo On Page: consists of the internal optimization of the entire web to help the search engines crawl and improve the Crawl Budget. Within the On Page, tasks such as: web loading, meta tags, indexing, crawling errors, hierarchy of headers, content formatting, …..
  • Seo Off Page: nowadays it is clearly differentiated by Linkbuilding techniques, which consists of attracting links to your website from other external websites. Highlight that the natural and quality links will give better results. We can help you get links from blogs, media, etc …

How we do SEO

Before starting to work on the SEO web positioning of a project, you must understand the elaborate and meticulous process that must be carried out so that your project appears in the first positions.

At IndexeoMarketing we follow a global strategy refined with years of experience in the sector.


The analysis of keywords together with the architecture of the information will give your project a differential starting point


Internal optimization of your entire website to improve the Crawl Budget and increase the CTR of users

SEO OFF Page: LinkBuilding

If necessary, we will work on the capture of external links to the different pages that are interested in positioning.

Reports and Analysis

Delivery of monthly reports with monitoring of keywords and web analytics (Google Analytics) to review the evolution of the project

Why is SEO beneficial for your business?

Importance Ranking

More than 95% of searches are made on Google, if you are not in the search engine rankings you will not receive visits

Major Search Engines

Globally the most used are Google, Yahoo and Bing. But in Spain Google is the one who takes more than 95% of searches

Strategy Effective

SEO helps users locate what they are looking for earlier, if you are one of the first, your SALES will increase.

342 billion Search Results

In January 2016, more than 17.5 billion searches were performed with 342 billion search results

Attraction Qualified Visits

Not only do you have to attract all kinds of visits, but those that are more qualified to acquire your product or service according to KW Research

Final Consumer Perception

The perception of users is that the better positioned a website is, the more confidence it will give you to make purchases on it.

Estimated Evolution of Projects in 6 - 8 months

Keyword increase in Top100

Organic Traffic Increase

Increase Keywords TOP10

Increase Duration of Visits